Crafty Quilting

May 24, 2008

My grandmother said I was born with needle and threads in my hands! Crafty Quilting embodies what I do.

I am a quiltmaker, designer, textile artist using commercial and hand-dyed fabrics, yarns, threads, and other textile-art media. My passion is to create unique original designs for others to enjoy.

Formerly of Adelaide in South Australia, my career in personal injury rehabilitation created the adventure of relocation to Sydney, New South Wales. That was over 20 years ago. Now semi-retired, I have the time to fully pursue my real passion in life – creating textile art pieces and quilts. From my home in the leafy northern suburbs of Sydney, I love to create new pieces and share them with as many people as I can.

Three years as Vice President of the Quilters Guild of NSW Inc connected me to like-minded creative souls, and this continues through ongoing membership with this Guild and ATASDA (Australian Textile Arts and Surface Design Association Inc). Regular group meetings in Sydney are a wonderful way to enjoy creative minds and stimulate new styles of work.

My work includes Baby Quilts, Art Quilts (small and large), Textile Landscapes, and Textile Jewellery – based upon contemporary or classic designs and techniques. The majority of these quilts are of my own design; and some have been the outcome of attending workshops. All work produced is my own. Quilts and textile art pieces can be made for you from designs I already have, or they can be designed to your specifications.

PP & Zenny

PP & Zenny