An alternative lavender bag!

January 30, 2009
An alternative lavendar bag!

An alternative lavendar bag!

Pamela just loves lavender!  

As another exercise for my on-line workshop

I trapped lavender petals and other goodies within silk fibres,

to create a sheet of silk paper that stimulates one’s senses other than feel.


More playtime – this time with a base of silk cocoons

January 28, 2009
Playtime exercise using silk cocoons again.

Playtime exercise using silk cocoons again.

Silk cocoons were sprayed with Moonshadow colours.

Machine stitched with metallic thread onto pink satin. 

Interfacing was used to aid the stitching process.

The vibrant colourspeaks for itself.

Awash with colour!

January 27, 2009
Silk and wool rovings, with bobbin machine stitching.
Silk and wool rovings, with bobbin machine stitching.

Experimenting is such a good thing to do.   Sometimes it leads to a dead end but that happens when one is trying something completely new.   This week though my experimenting has lead me to discovering a new medium that provides colour, texture, and variety to the range of techniques at my fingertips.   Silk and wool rovings are so luscious and beautiful to work with.     Playing with these has filled me my cup with much more confidence in this medium.

I want to show you two completed pieces made this week.

One piece was made by spreading a combination of silk and wool rovings, applying spray starch to give a soft but firm bond, then machine stitched by bobbin application of variegated thick thread.  

The other piece is a combination of silk cocoons rather than rovings, sprayed with Moonshadow paint, and a piece of knitting was snuggled between the cocoons, as were snippets of yarns.   When it was ironed the sericum adhered the fibres together.   It also is soft to the touch but strong for practical use.

The on-line course I am doing is encouraging me to experiment – so  this is is just one of the results.   Others from this week’s work will be posted for you to see too….very shortly.

What to do with table napkins – Take II.

January 22, 2009
Putting techniques into practice and trialling a new product, I am happy with the result.
Putting techniques into practice and trialling a new product, I am happy with the result.

Still doing my “homework” from the onl-line class, you can see how paper napkins can be adapted to a beautiful feature piece.  

I intend using this piece in a hand-made bag, which will be completed once I return from Orange Forum (NSW,  Australia) where 5-days will be spent attending a bag making workshop, tutored by Isobel Hall from Spain.   With this napkin piece, I am off to a good start, dont you think?

What you can do with table napkins!

January 18, 2009

Machine stitched and distressed paper napkin
Machine stitched and distressed paper napkin

EXPERIMENTING…..once again!

I belong to a group whereby we are experimenting using different fibres other than fabric.  For six weeks we focus on different elements and each week we try something completely new.   This encourages me to use products I have never tried before!Now here is the result of my first week’s work.  

Using paper table napkins I machine stitched to form a background, then made a grid and rubbed this back to produce a distressed effect.   Pieces of napkin were then attached over the grid to produce the final image.  

Having never worked in this way before, I found it enchanting and  now more ideas are flowing.   

Watch this space for the next challenge!

Beautiful silk paper has been made!

January 15, 2009

11-1-09-007Following instructions this time, rather than a previous attempt

where the end result turned out like tyre rubber,

this silk paper turned out to be soft, lustrous and just as gorgeous as it looks.

Just right to become a gift for friend.  

Can’t wait to make some more, different colours next time.

Journal Challenge

January 14, 2009

Heat In The Outback  - Journal Quilt No.1

Heat In The Outback - Journal Quilt No.1

A group challenge for 2009 is to make twelve quilts based upon a new theme for each month. The theme for January is HEAT….very suitable given the weather lately in Sydney. Determined to use some of my stash scraps I also discovered a photo (already printed on fabric) portraying a very hot me, trying to look cool during a visit to the Flinders Ranges in South Australia.

This A4 size quilt is embellished with machine quilting, hand embroidery, angelina, and organza. It is the first of my entries for this challenge, which participation is very new to me. It was quick and enjoyable to make.