Beautiful silk paper has been made!

11-1-09-007Following instructions this time, rather than a previous attempt

where the end result turned out like tyre rubber,

this silk paper turned out to be soft, lustrous and just as gorgeous as it looks.

Just right to become a gift for friend.  

Can’t wait to make some more, different colours next time.


4 Responses to Beautiful silk paper has been made!

  1. Erica says:

    Pamela, this is gorgeous! The colours are beautiful. Can’t wait to see what you make with it.

  2. Maggi says:

    It looks gorgeous. Lots of lovely snippets trapped in there.

  3. Cath says:

    Pamela this is just gorgeous! I’m currently doing stuff with a bit of silk paper I made – which I’ll put on my blog. Good on you! I can’t wait to seewhat you’ll do with it as well!

  4. Stephanie from Perth says:

    Glad you are back blogging. I make silk paper regularly and just love free style stitching into it then mount on a piece of silk. Also make lovely book covers

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