Awash with colour!

Silk and wool rovings, with bobbin machine stitching.
Silk and wool rovings, with bobbin machine stitching.

Experimenting is such a good thing to do.   Sometimes it leads to a dead end but that happens when one is trying something completely new.   This week though my experimenting has lead me to discovering a new medium that provides colour, texture, and variety to the range of techniques at my fingertips.   Silk and wool rovings are so luscious and beautiful to work with.     Playing with these has filled me my cup with much more confidence in this medium.

I want to show you two completed pieces made this week.

One piece was made by spreading a combination of silk and wool rovings, applying spray starch to give a soft but firm bond, then machine stitched by bobbin application of variegated thick thread.  

The other piece is a combination of silk cocoons rather than rovings, sprayed with Moonshadow paint, and a piece of knitting was snuggled between the cocoons, as were snippets of yarns.   When it was ironed the sericum adhered the fibres together.   It also is soft to the touch but strong for practical use.

The on-line course I am doing is encouraging me to experiment – so  this is is just one of the results.   Others from this week’s work will be posted for you to see too….very shortly.


One Response to Awash with colour!

  1. Cath says:

    Ah – those colours are just so vibrant, really love them! What a wonderful idea to put extra bits into the silk fibres and iron so they stick together – amazing!

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