ATC’s swap – HAIKU

March 30, 2009


Artist Trading Cards - Haiku styleMy internet group are once again swapping

six ATC’s with fellow textile artists from all over the globe.  

This swap swap requires us to adopt the theme “Haiku” which is a small poem.  

You will see that I am really into frogs –   such delightful little creatures they are.   My haiku just had to be about frogs and their home, the pond.  

Creating these ATCs has made me try new techniques.  Foils were used over fusible thread to create scribbles, blobs, dashes. 

They are so easy to use, especially given the information provided in Diane Groenewegen’s minimally priced booklet “Foils Discovered” which has just come onto the market.    Further information can be obtained by emailing her at


“Frog Song” quilt

March 26, 2009
Made to donate via Quiltcamp
Made to donate via Quiltcamp

Every year about 200 quilters attend the Kurrajong Quiltcamp and this being my second visit I know I am in for a good time.

Most of us bring along a quilt we made to donate to a child in need, via the Quiltcamp committee.    
I am hoping this cotton quilt (Quilters Dream cotton wadding was used – as I love it) will delight a child who just adores frogs.   I often hear the sound of frog songs which come from my neighbours yard.   Some people find their chirps annoying, but I think it is wonderful and it always makes me smile. 

Quilt for Joan

March 24, 2009
A family member deserves a beautiful quilt.
A family member deserves a beautiful quilt.

Choosing Joan’s favourite colours for the hjandpieced hexagons, this was sandwiched between two blue fabrics using  cotton Quilters Dream cotton wadding.  It produced a very soft but hardy quilt.  

Joan turned 87 this week, and I may be imagining it, but I thought her eyes turned brighter when she opened this gift that I made for her.  

ATC’s delivered by my postman

March 20, 2009
From my on-line textile artists group

From my on-line textile artists group

Look what the postie brought me! A bunch of Artist Trading Cards made by fellow textile artists from New Zealand, United Kingdom, and United States of America. 

These are part of a swap with an on-line group of talented people which is coordinated by a Diana in New Zealand.

This swap had no theme – complete freedom was given to us and I am intrigued by the different methods used to create these ATCs. I wish I kept a photo of the six that I sent to Diana for swapping; never mind maybe next time.

Our next swap (end of April/early May) will be ‘Haiku’ which requires our ATC’s relate to the haiku of our choice.   I expect lots of inventive and interesting ATCs from this swap, especially when Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia describes HAIKU as a –

  form of Japanese poetry,

consisting of 17 morae , in three metrical phrases of 5, 7 and 5 morae respectively. 

Haiku typically contain a kigo, or seasonal reference, and a kireji or verbal caesura. In Japanese, haiku are traditionally printed in a single vertical line, while haiku in English usually appear in three lines, to parallel the three metrical phrases of Japanese haiku.    

Previously called hokku, haiku was given its current name by the Japanese writer Masaoka Shiki at the end of the 19th century”.

The Sydney Quilt Show is coming soon!

March 11, 2009

These past few weeks has seen me beavering away to produce TWO wall quilts to enter into the Sydney Quilt Exhibition held at Darling Harbour exhibition hall for 5 days, commencing 10 June 2009.

This annual event normally exhibits in excess of 300 quilts – all made by members of the Quilters Guild of NSW Inc.

Further details of the exhibition is available on their website (see memberships on the right hand side of this screen).

MY QUILTS are an adventurous break-away from my usual quilting practice – “Tattered Trees” and “Fractured Frangipanni” will be hanging at Darling Harbour along with all the absolutely fantastic quilts.
Sorry folks, I can’t post photo’s of my quilts …. but I hope you get to see them at the exhibition. 

If you see me there please tap me on the shoulder and say hello.

Sydney Quilt Show 2008


A “good news” story.

March 8, 2009

An Ozie magazine that we are very proud of, “Down Under Quilts”, current edition features my quilt in their story about MYSTERY QUILTS.  Soon I will be at Quiltcamp again, and a “must do” is to take this quilt, being the result of 2008 workshop.   I am a proud completer of this mystery quilt – which was designed and tutored by two wonderful quilters from Adelaide, Lessa Siegele and Deb Nichol.  So I will be taking this quilt for the “show and tell” and I cant wait to see what the other students did with the same pattern and use of  different colours and fabrics. It will be a colourful show and tell, I can already tell!

A two-day workshop at Kurrajong Quiltcamp in 2008

A two-day workshop at Kurrajong Quiltcamp in 2008

Blocks for Victoria bushfire victims

March 4, 2009

My friend Kaite passed on the “how to” instruction to make these blocks. They become quilts for people made homeless by the February bushfires. Once I set aside time, it took very little time to create these gorgeous blocks. Samera helped a lot to press the seams, as you can so easily observe in the photo. It is nice knowing that someone who perhaps hasn’t much to smile about lately, will begin to smile inside once they receive a quilt for their new home.

My assistant

My assistant