Patchwork of a different kind!

Renovations to our outside spa area were on our “to do” list, and this included a need for some art work on the walls. So….TWO mosaics made in February this year, show off my patchwork skills of a different kind. I was limited by the colours in my left-over stash from a workshop attended many years ago. You will see that my two mosaics were completed by a freehand approach -with no preconceived design and so they took their own paths. You will notice that my love of landscapes seemed to emerge from my subconscious into the conscious. After this exercise I am not sure that I want to harness a passion for creating mosaic tile pieces; perhaps though using the Gloria Loughman method in quiltmaking is more to my liking! I do love the feel of fabric lots more than cutting snippets of tiles under water – a task that took many days to complete these pieces.


One Response to Patchwork of a different kind!

  1. Cath says:

    Pamela they’re wonderful! Fabulous idea to cut the tile into different sizes too. I’m not sure I would have the tenacity to cut tiles under water for a couple of days though. End result is really lovely.

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