A dyeing session

How many blues does one need?
How many blues does one need?


My box of procion dyes has grown over the years.  Lots of colours have been collected from attending workshops, visiting craft fairs, and via internet purchases.   I just love playing with colour so I thought it was about time that I considered the differences in colour ranges more thoughtfully and to identify (if I can) the actual MX label of each dye.  Time also –  to examine the differences when mixing particular colours.   

So —  last night I got out all my blues and just two of my reds and dyed lots of little pieces of cotton, being careful to number them so that I can begin to identify the MX number and colour that is applied to each of my dyes.     Annoyingly many packets fail to identify the MX number – something which I am now careful about when making purchases.

Here’s what came out of my dyeing session.

No.1  Indigo:  No.2 Marine Blue MXG:  No.3 Cereulean Blue: 
No.4 Medium Blue 072;  No.5 Cobalt:  No.6 Deep Blue:  No.7 Marine Blue; 
No.8 Fire engine red MX-BRA;  No.9 Magenta.
During July I am participating in an ATASDA  stamping/painting workshop by Marie Therese Winiowski.  I hope that by focussing on dyeing processes now, I will be ready to create complex cloth pieces.  
By the way, do you have a method of keeping track of colours?  Have you got favourite colour combination that makes your fabrics zing?

2 Responses to A dyeing session

  1. Cath says:

    Wow Pamela – these look absolutely FANTASTIC!! My gosh, they are so striking and eye-catching! Fabulous experiment – and repeatable, except for the ones without an MX number …

  2. Kaite says:

    that’s a good idea Pamela, keeping track of your dyes so that you can repeat favourite colours. You’ve made a good start. This time next week you’ll be pleased you did. Kt.

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