Gowing to Pizzas

Gowing to Pizzas - wall quilt

Gowing to Pizzas - wall quilt

“Gowing to Pizzas” wall quilt was made for a Quilters Guild of NSW challenge.   The theme of “GOING TO PIECES” was depicted bv the disappearance of Gowings stores – a favourite of the man in my life.   As Gowings departure seemed to cooincide with the influx of many pizza shops in my city, it seemed fitting to produce my quilt “Gowing to Pizzas”.   This wall quilt measuring 69 x 50 cm has just returned home from travelling nationally with the challenge collection of quilts.   Having now many quilts oozing from the rafters at home, I am thinking I will sell this one on e-bay, unless someone sees it and contacts me first.  I am happy to let it go for a nominal price only.  It is in excellent condition.  Reflecting  colour and humour, it depicts a time that has gone to pieces.


2 Responses to Gowing to Pizzas

  1. Kaite says:

    but is it edible Pamela? what a funny mind you have, Gowings turning into pizza stores, maybe after too many pizzas they could no longer fit into Gowings clothes! K.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Pamela…I love this one. At first I thought the Gowing was misspelt, but reading further I get your drift. I miss Gowings too! The wall hanging is great fun..like a cartoon.

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