Golden days at Orange

Autumn is the time to be in Orange.
Autumn is the time to be in Orange.

Departing Kinross School where Fibre Forum was held my eyes zoomed in on the changing colours of trees leading me to the carpark paddock.  

I just had to capture the glorious colours on my digitial.
Now that I have been home for one week now, I am left with the feeling of golden times making new friends, discovering new creative skills, sharing the wonderful works produced by other creatively talented people, and being amongst the changing colours caused by autumn.
Time has passed quickly during the past week – I hope I am lucky enough to venture forth again to the Fibre Forum at Orange in 2010.   I am looking forward to seeing what workshops are being offered next year.   Meantime there is much catchup work to do, so time to go…and put my head down.

One Response to Golden days at Orange

  1. Kaite says:

    good photo Pamela, you could do something quilty with that. Autumn is a beautiful time in Orange, what a shame you didn’t get to the park at the other end of town or even the botanical gardens. Maybe next time. K.

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