Terri Stegmiller’s book brought new ideas to play!

New ideas - using watercolours!
New ideas – using watercolours!


Lucky lucky me –  my resourceful quilting friend Brenda, loaned me her copy of Terri Stegmiller’s book to inspire further playtime with paper and paints.  

This is such a stimulating book – it gave me completely new ideas on how to use watercolours for such interesting effect.   Easy peasy to do with wonderful images being produced.   
As a result some of my friends now have a bookmark to add to their collection.   Time starved I was – so the bookmarks ended up being mini sized!
If you want to expand your craft by incorporating paper and paint to your textiles or want to try your hand at making paper quilts, do take a look at Terri’s book.  
I know Brenda had fun using some of the ideas because I read about it on her blog.   Her blog is always such stimulating reading where lots of new ideas are floated…. and I also enjoy reading about her involvement in the Twelve by Twelve challenge.   Why not take a look?  Just click onto Serendipity and the art of quilts on the right hand side of this page and say hi to Brenda.
And…do you know, you can see more of  Terri Stegmiller’s work by clicking on Twelve by Twelve.    She also has her own website which you can enjoy.

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