Queen size quilt using stack and whack technique

Queen size quilt using stack and whack technique

As our slightly spoilt airedale terrier cannot resist occasional visits to (not hers) bed, fabric colours were selected with this need in mind.  

This queen-size quilt was based upon the Stack & Whack technique – of many layers of the same piece of fabric being cut so that exactly the same profiles appeared in six pieces.   These were then pieced in uniform fashion and as you can see, many surprizes appeared.  So it was an intriguing quilt to make.

Although I made this quilt about 4 years ago, and it still is intact despite a “few” visits by our loved doggy, I thought it deserved to be posted for you to see.   You see, it has been a rather quiet time for my creativity due to my loved feline – a Tonkinese female – being quite ill ….. good news though….she is recovering.   Has her own little bed with warm fluffy blankets in a corner of my sewing room.   Now that she is improving she likes to “inspect” my pieces of fabrics – you know those ones I have spent some time laying out carefully in a purrrticular order…..!  

Good news!  –  I have nearly finished a postcard for a Aus/NZ postcard challenge, that will soon appear on my blog.   So please watch this space … in a couple of days time.


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  1. Kaite says:

    nice homely quilt Pamela, good for dogs and people and pussies to snuggle up on. Thanks for showing it.
    Hope Puss is feeling better now. Kaite

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