Exchange time!!!!

InchiesBelonging to the Aus/NZ quilters on-line group has warmed up wintertime with new challenges!   One was to make sets of inches, themed GREEN and mail to seven members.  And then I opened up my own letterbox to find lots of little inches tumble from an envelope – this is my new collection received from talented members.     

The other challenge was a postcard – based on the theme of trees.    So I made this based upon Richard Woldendorp’s photograph from his book “Abstract Earth – a view from above” .  This book shows amazing arial photographs which have not been touched up in any way to enhance colour or shapes – all natural photography!    As a lover of landscapes, I adore this book, so do have a look for it if you are interested in Australian landscapes photographed from the air.  It would be hard for you to be disappointed in what this photographer offers  your senses.

Postcard swap

Challenges such as these are enjoyable – they are respectful of the time available to us whilst stretching the imagination.    What is the next challenge, I wonder? 


One Response to Exchange time!!!!

  1. Kaite says:

    hi Pamela, now you’ve got lots of little tiles to play with, i wonder what you will do with them? maybe that’s the next challenge? Big day coming up on Sunday – i wonder how you will spend it, hopefully being waited on hand and foot and not having to do the cooking yourself. Happy Bird Day Sunday – Yay!!

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