Once a year…..

 Arts of Asia World TextilesCoincidental colours came from Kaite's postcard & papers, and Doe's silk yarn from Nepal.Once a year it happens to us all. When we become a year wiser (we live in hope) and a year older!

This birthday has been lovely time because my family, friends, and colleagues recognised how much textiles and fibres mean to me. Look what came my way! Yippee doo.

* Gorgeous books to fuel my imagination and get me going. Look at these two lovelies – World Textiles, and Arts of Asia.

* A stunningly colourful textural postcard from my on-line fibre friend Kaite (and some yummy paper pieces too).

* Sumptuous silk yarn made in Nepal came from my friend Doe.

Colour and movement are in the air, giving good vibes for the year ahead. I feel like I am dancing with the stars.

And lastly, if you click on WORKSHOPS you can get details of the next two workshops that I will be tutoring. I do welcome hearing your thoughts about any workshops and/or techniques you are interested in learning about. Remember -although living in Sydney, I am willing to travel to conduct workshops. It would be great to hear from you.


One Response to Once a year…..

  1. Kaite says:

    Hope you had a wonderful birthday Pamela, enjoy your special treats. K.

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