Yum yum – rumble goes my tum tum!

Special birthday cake

Special birthday cake

After a hard day’s work today, I came home to find this cupcake in my letterbox!!!!! This is a special birthday treat from my on-line fibre friend Kaite. Just take a look at the TLC that has gone into creating this gorgeous birthday postcard…..comprising beading beautifully added to a collage of paper, fabric, yarns, and foil – all ingredients for a high-rise cupcake that wants me to want to eat it. This is one cullinary delight, which being a colourful reminder of my birthday, will take pride of place on my pin-up board in my sewing room.

As my world of on-line fibre friendships open up, I am amazed by the support and friendship that is encountered along the way. It certainly adds another dimension to creativity, learning, and friendship – and loads of FUN.


One Response to Yum yum – rumble goes my tum tum!

  1. Kaite says:

    Now Pamela, make sure you don’t get hungry enough to eat it! I can publish my own photos of them now, as you have received yours. Kaite

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