Aus/NZ art-quilt CHALLENGE

Please click on the photo’s to see a larger view.
Having a tiny cold has given me time to complete these two little A4 size quilts for the Aus/NZ art-quilt challenge. Each month participants complete a quilt using themes and techniques suggested by the moderator. However, I know I am not alone when I say I have lots of catching up to do!

So far I have completed a quilt for January, February, and March. February’s theme was LOVE – so using reversible applique & beading I created my quilt “Leaves are long hearts to love”. The theme for March was Life Cycle so my quilt “Seasonal Colours” depicts the colours of Summer-Autumn-Winter-Spring (and of course it doesn’t stop there). January’s quilt “Heat” featured earlier this year my blog.

Surprisingly I am thoroughly enjoying these challenges – it is an opportunity to experiment with different techniques and products. The idea for “Seasonal Colours” arose as a result of completing scarves to wear during our winter cool weather. I just transferred the process of incorporating a range of yarns and fabrics, with water-soluble to create the colours of each season. The technique – revertsable applique – was shown to be my a good friend Jenni Munday at a playday last year – this process along with delving into my bead collection ended up as “Leaves are long hearts to love” .

These two little quilts have required a very different approach from that I normally take – I would love to hear what you think of them.

Mmmmmm, now it is time to create something even more different for the April challenge. I wonder what I will come up with next!


One Response to Aus/NZ art-quilt CHALLENGE

  1. Debbi Baker says:

    Hi Pam – Love your journal quilts – they are intriguing and make me want to touch the screen!! I haven’t made the journal quilts this year but last year I made a few and I agree – great way to push your boundaries and to try different things. PS Adore thjeir vibrancy too.

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