Mystery Playday for Quilters Guild of NSW.

September 28, 2009
A sample quilt made for my workshop on 31/10/09.

A sample quilt made for my workshop on 31/10/09.

My workshop at the Epping Creative Centre for 15 members of the Quilters Guild of NSW is going to provide them with a treat – in fact lots of them. The aim of the day is to explore various mediums and selectively incorporate some into a small art-quilt for the wall. We will be playing with paints, glue, stamps, stitch, heat, silk fibres, shiva stiks, fusible webbing, lutrador, paper napkins, and of course, fabric! I am preparing a kit so that everyone will be ready for action on the day to ehance their discovery curve.

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Caroline Sharkey’s workshop was magic

September 16, 2009

SILLERS LOOKOUT, in the Flinders Ranges, South Australia.

SILLERS LOOKOUT, in the Flinders Ranges, South Australia.

Two “if evers”…..

If ever you get the chance to attend one of Caroline Sharkey’s workshop, DO.

If ever you get the chance to take the Ridgetop Tour from Arkaroola, DO….you will end up on top of the peak of Sillers Lookout. Believe me, you would never forget the breathtakingly daring (the tracks make for interesting driving), and the ozzie scenery is stunning.

Now getting back to earth with you…..Attending Caroline’s 2-day workshop – ” Painting With Fabric and Threads” was a great experience. Althgough the technique was not new to me, actually DOING IT and applying it to a favourite image, it meant we (the class) learnt a lot from our teacher and also from each other. We were at Patchwork 33 situated near Wyee which offered peaceful countryside surrounds, ducks wandering past the window, and a shop where purchases once again just seemed to happen like osmosis!
Caroline fielded all our questions without a second glance, even my “dumb” ones, and her enthusiasm to develop our skill was unrelenting. And to top it off, humour was a big part of the day too. THANK YOU Caroline.

Sillers Lookout is my outcome from the two days – it took only a few extra hours at home, to finish it. I just love it – and am looking forward to incorporating new learning into future landscape pieces that are magnets to my imagination.
Why not take a look at Caroline’s website and check in to do a workshop with her? See

Wilpena Spirit Girl

September 11, 2009

Wilpena Spirit Girl POSTCARD

Wilpena Spirit Girl POSTCARD

I have been given a new title! Intriguingly, it is one that fits my secret inner dormant psyche! And that is not all….look at the wild costumery – I love it!

Kaite, my multi-talented fibre friend sent me this postcard which arrived in my mailbox today. Not only was it a surprize to find this left by the postie, the astonishingly surprize element is the spirit that has emerged from within this gift. Kaite has somehow hooked into my love of the Flinders Ranges land and its people, by creating this gorgeous dolly – all decked out with beaded hair, wired necklace, sparkly anklet, and stunningly beautiful “clothing”. Do take a look at Kaite’s blog – click on her Yarngarden site – I am sure you will delighted to see more of her work.

What a joy this is to my psyche. Mmmmmm….maybe I need to look at “refreshing” my wardrobe… it time for more colour?

Holidays that create colourful memories.

September 9, 2009

Flinders Impressions No.2Flinders Impressions No.1Photographs taken whilst holidaying with my husband in the Flinders Ranges, especially at the top end at Arkaroola, continue to insprire my passion for creating landscape quilts for walls. More than slightly obsessed with creating impressionistic views at this location, here are my two latest versions.

Gorgeous hand-dyed silk hankies made by my artist friend Jennifer D became incorporated into one of these art-quilts. They were constructed with hand-dyed and purchased cotton and silk fabrics, silk fibres, yarns, and beads. I am especially fond of threads by Superior – their variegated King Tut and Rainbows do a beautiful job. My machine went on an adventure with the bobbin work using much thicker threads than I usually use, and to my surprize … it was a lot easier than anticipated.

I would love to hear your thoughts about these two art-quilts, especially the design elements – a challenge I am particularly focussed upon in my learning process. How have you learnt about the important elements of design in your work? I do enjoy your feedback comments, so come on …. do drop me a note.