Holidays that create colourful memories.

Flinders Impressions No.2Flinders Impressions No.1Photographs taken whilst holidaying with my husband in the Flinders Ranges, especially at the top end at Arkaroola, continue to insprire my passion for creating landscape quilts for walls. More than slightly obsessed with creating impressionistic views at this location, here are my two latest versions.

Gorgeous hand-dyed silk hankies made by my artist friend Jennifer D became incorporated into one of these art-quilts. They were constructed with hand-dyed and purchased cotton and silk fabrics, silk fibres, yarns, and beads. I am especially fond of threads by Superior – their variegated King Tut and Rainbows do a beautiful job. My machine went on an adventure with the bobbin work using much thicker threads than I usually use, and to my surprize … it was a lot easier than anticipated.

I would love to hear your thoughts about these two art-quilts, especially the design elements – a challenge I am particularly focussed upon in my learning process. How have you learnt about the important elements of design in your work? I do enjoy your feedback comments, so come on …. do drop me a note.


2 Responses to Holidays that create colourful memories.

  1. Kaite says:

    They are very intriguing Pamela, a bit spooky even with the Aboriginal fabric. That is a very strong element in them. I think i prefer the Impression #1, the strongest element is not sitting right in the middle and the colour and tone gradation is easier. But that’s just my opinion. K.

  2. Cath Daniels says:

    Pamela – I’ve not visited your site for a while and was gobsmacked to see such fabulous stuff!! REALLY love both of your quilts, such wonderful colours – different from your earlier work. Just beautiful.

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