Wilpena Spirit Girl

Wilpena Spirit Girl POSTCARD

Wilpena Spirit Girl POSTCARD

I have been given a new title! Intriguingly, it is one that fits my secret inner dormant psyche! And that is not all….look at the wild costumery – I love it!

Kaite, my multi-talented fibre friend sent me this postcard which arrived in my mailbox today. Not only was it a surprize to find this left by the postie, the astonishingly surprize element is the spirit that has emerged from within this gift. Kaite has somehow hooked into my love of the Flinders Ranges land and its people, by creating this gorgeous dolly – all decked out with beaded hair, wired necklace, sparkly anklet, and stunningly beautiful “clothing”. Do take a look at Kaite’s blog – click on her Yarngarden site – I am sure you will delighted to see more of her work.

What a joy this is to my psyche. Mmmmmm….maybe I need to look at “refreshing” my wardrobe…..is it time for more colour?


3 Responses to Wilpena Spirit Girl

  1. Kaite says:

    yes it’s always time for more colour, but Pamela, can you put beads in your hair and wear such a flimsy, flirty skirt? K.

  2. Penny Lynn says:

    I love the postcard and your spirit girl spirit, wonderful. pen in usa, thanks, a lovely bunch of work you do, wish I lived there (truly) and would come to your workshop…

  3. Pamela says:

    Thank you Penny – glad you like my work – I bring the natural Australian outback colours into my pieces, especially landscapes. The wild spirit girl was made by an on-line friend (Kaite) who is terribly creative and also gets lots done too! You can see more of Kaite’s work by clicking on the yarngarden site – which is on my home page. Good luck with your creations.

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