A day of mystery and experimentation – My workshop teaching members of the Quilters Guild of NSW Inc.

October 31, 2009

Experimental workshop 31.10.09 007

Scrumptious morsels of fabric art

Experimental workshop 31.10.09 015

An amazing place, eh?

Experimental workshop 31.10.09 013

Like a japanese woodprint landscape

Experimental workshop 31.10.09 012

What amazing colours!

Look who had fun!....and the reason why!

Experimental workshop 31.10.09 005 Wilma and..
Playing with tyvek
Experimental workshop 31.10.09 004

Lindy delving into creativity

Today, 31/10/09 – Was a productive day with lots of time to play with new products.  Everyone was encouraged to become accustomed with a range of mixed media and experiment with their application to an art-quilt.  It was such fun even though the pace was not slack.  


Here are a few photo’s taken, with the permission of the group, to share with you.    We only had one day together but look what was achieved………skill development and lots of personal satisfaction indeed!  

All 13 ladies were such great people to spend time with;  I appreciated their friendliness and enthusiasm to learn and willingness to harmonously work as a group too.

Please contact me if you are interested in attending one of my workshops using mixed mediums (, angelina, paints, tuvek, lutrador etc) with fabric to create art quilts for walls.   Design elements is a strong feature of my workshops.  I welcome hearing from you.


Priday Playday Preparation….

October 29, 2009

Fabric beads

Fabric beads

workshop 31.10 002

Sample - Lutrador, painted webbing, tyvek, stitched.

workshop 31.10 003

These small pieces were transformed into the beads

WS geraniums

Geraniums for love.

Ready Set Go!

All packed up and ready to teach a stimulating workshop for the Quilters’ Guild of NSW Inc, today at home I had time to play some more.

These little samples were prepared, just two of many to tempt the creative tastebuds of 14 members this weekend. I think these fabric beads could add colour and movement to an art-quilt, don’t you? What about the other piece that has been embellished with lutrador, painted webbing, and tyvek?

And lastly, here’s a touch of gentle colour from my garden – this beautiful hanging geranium is a marvel. It keeps flowering and growing – soon I can take cuttings to give to my friends.


From the window

October 21, 2009

This, my second quilt, was completed at home, following the Quiltaway workshop Stanwell Tops by Beth and Trevor Reid. Looking for inspiration my eyes spotted this beautiful tree which was full of life and housed this space within its lower trunk.
My quilt was achieved by drawing with a special fabric pen, and particularly good crayons that suit fabric, and then machine stitching for enhancement and drawing together all the essential elements.

The technique is quite a different direction to my norm. However it has much attraction and I am “drawn” to put my skills to work and create two more, at least, as this contemporary style will suit our lounge room exceedingly well.

I welcome your comments – please tell me what you think of this new style (for me).

Stanwell Tops tree quilt

Quiltaway – 4 days of fun, friendship, and stretching my creative horizons.

October 20, 2009

Having just returned home from Stanwell Tops where the air is as fresh as you can get – it blows straight off the sea into the treetops – the body is tired but the spirit is strengthened! I went with my friend Dorothy – we are both new members of the Illawarra Quilters Group. Diana and her committee put on a great “show” – the venue and accommodation was fantastic, and I had 2 days with Beth Miller, and 2 days with Beth and Trevor Reid, our tutors from Canberra.

There was some quiet time built into the program which suited me fine. I practiced some new beading techniques from instructions that my friend Kaite mailed to me. The limitations of my beads meant that my practice piece looks just like a practice piece so I cant show this to you. Doing this helped my confidence in beading and I am raring to go forward now.

After class one night, all students were encouraged to make a little “wild woman” brooch – Dorothy and I were exhausted so we made ours at 6.15am the next morning, appearing at the breakfast table all decked out wearing our sparkly creations. This is what I made, almost with my eyes half shut!

Here is the first of the three quilts I started at Quiltaway. Two more need to be finished.

Quiltaway by Illawarra Quilters was a fantastic and lovely time – held annually, so why not consider checking it out for next year. Google Illawarra Quilters to find out more.

Finished 12.10.09 – My art-quilt based on a photo around the stunning ARKAROOLA in South Australia.

October 12, 2009
Reflections surrounding Arkaroola

Reflections surrounding Arkaroola

Following a recent workshop tutored by the lovely Caroline Sharkey, I decided that it was time for “bum down – head up” at home – forget the dishes, shopping, housework (well as much as I could get away with) – and…… I am pretty pleased with the result that came from my sewing room. Using one of my photographs taken at Arkaroola during last year’s visit, I cut lots of my hand-dyed fabrics into tiny snippets and after some playing around with fabrics and water, this is what I produced.

It’s not perfect I know – but at least I am working towards achieving the impressionistic perspective that I so much love.

More practice is needed….so watch this space, and see how my talents grow. I hope to not disappoint you (or myself).

Postcards with Pizazz! Student’s work.

October 12, 2009

Pizazzy Postcard No.1 by Lin

Pizazzy Postcard No.1 by Lin

Making postcards is an enlightening way to practice techniques, consider design elements, whilst making a small art-quilt to hang or mail to someone important in your life.

A few weeks ago my “Postcards with Pizazz class” at the Chatswood Sewing Centre, one of my student’s Lin produced this wonderful postcard. After finishing it off at home, I received a photo of it last night and having Lin’s permission to show you her work from class, here it is! The colours selection combines well with the textures created by stitch, choice of fabrics and …..even the fringe works so well. Lin’s beading work compliments the spotty sparkly fabric too – can you see that?

I am surprized about how much I am enjoying teaching classes. The ladies are so eager to learn and they inspire me too. There is lots of preparation to be ready to teach – all the organisation pays off by being ready to pass on lots of knowledge and inspiration at class.

This is Lin’s outcome from the workshop……her No.1 postcard.

Fun with the embellisher machine – Workshop at Chatswood Sewing Centre

October 9, 2009

“>Embellished & stitched poppy quilt for the wall

Discover the simplicity and absolute pure joy of using the Embellisher.
No threading, just needles punching through fabric, yarns, and other fun stuff to create one of a kind … well anything really.

This class teaches techniques of how to use this wonderful machine and create a small wallhanging to take home.

Embellisher Class is Thursday 26 November; 10 – 4pm at the Chatswood Sewing Centre.Please note that an embellisher machine is required do this class.

On Tuesday 24 November; 10 – 4pm I will be teaching “Art quilts for walls using amazing Angelina Fibres“.
Further details of my workshops can be obtained from http://www.chatswoodsewingcentre.com.au