Time To Reflect

Nothing beats a good sunset and a nice cuppa tea

Nothing beats a good sunset and a nice cuppa tea

Dont you think that sometimes the pace of life gets away from us, who we really are and what is truly important to us?

Racing thoughts and activity seem to have been a “way of life” these couple of weeks – self inflicted though (I must confess).

Newly acquired roles are part of the reason.

Tutoring workshops has taken a larger part of my time lately; believing that preparation is the first step to success, it has been exciting getting samples ready. Taking on a role as Workshop Liaison Officer with ATASDA NSW has created the necessity of being tied to the computer – I can tollerate this deemon if the activity is efficient and good progress is achieved…..well, I am hanging in there hoping that my patience pays off soon.

Trawling through my multitude of photographs that are filed in such a muddled way, I found this!

Only taken a few weeks ago when sitting quietly on my front verandah I recall feeling so peaceful and with a quiet mindfulness about my life. I thought I would like to share this view with you. The scene is as it was – it has not been enhanced by photo software at all.

This is my favourite time of the day – sitting on the front verandah with a good cuppa tea watching the changing light.

Have you had any reflective sunsets lately?

One Response to Time To Reflect

  1. Kaite says:

    aaah Pamela, you are reflecting a touch longingly on your quiet times of the past. I hope you’ve not bitten off more than is chewable. Just go easy, big hug, Kaite

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