Postcards with Pizazz! Student’s work.

Pizazzy Postcard No.1 by Lin

Pizazzy Postcard No.1 by Lin

Making postcards is an enlightening way to practice techniques, consider design elements, whilst making a small art-quilt to hang or mail to someone important in your life.

A few weeks ago my “Postcards with Pizazz class” at the Chatswood Sewing Centre, one of my student’s Lin produced this wonderful postcard. After finishing it off at home, I received a photo of it last night and having Lin’s permission to show you her work from class, here it is! The colours selection combines well with the textures created by stitch, choice of fabrics and …..even the fringe works so well. Lin’s beading work compliments the spotty sparkly fabric too – can you see that?

I am surprized about how much I am enjoying teaching classes. The ladies are so eager to learn and they inspire me too. There is lots of preparation to be ready to teach – all the organisation pays off by being ready to pass on lots of knowledge and inspiration at class.

This is Lin’s outcome from the workshop……her No.1 postcard.


2 Responses to Postcards with Pizazz! Student’s work.

  1. Kaite says:

    That’s a good combination of techniques there, even beads, very Pizzazzy, and i like the fringe in the middle. K.

  2. Lin Wilson says:

    Hi Kaite,

    I’m the Lin who created this – thanks so much for your comments. I loved every second of its creation. L

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