Quiltaway – 4 days of fun, friendship, and stretching my creative horizons.

Having just returned home from Stanwell Tops where the air is as fresh as you can get – it blows straight off the sea into the treetops – the body is tired but the spirit is strengthened! I went with my friend Dorothy – we are both new members of the Illawarra Quilters Group. Diana and her committee put on a great “show” – the venue and accommodation was fantastic, and I had 2 days with Beth Miller, and 2 days with Beth and Trevor Reid, our tutors from Canberra.

There was some quiet time built into the program which suited me fine. I practiced some new beading techniques from instructions that my friend Kaite mailed to me. The limitations of my beads meant that my practice piece looks just like a practice piece so I cant show this to you. Doing this helped my confidence in beading and I am raring to go forward now.

After class one night, all students were encouraged to make a little “wild woman” brooch – Dorothy and I were exhausted so we made ours at 6.15am the next morning, appearing at the breakfast table all decked out wearing our sparkly creations. This is what I made, almost with my eyes half shut!

Here is the first of the three quilts I started at Quiltaway. Two more need to be finished.

Quiltaway by Illawarra Quilters was a fantastic and lovely time – held annually, so why not consider checking it out for next year. Google Illawarra Quilters to find out more.


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