From the window

This, my second quilt, was completed at home, following the Quiltaway workshop Stanwell Tops by Beth and Trevor Reid. Looking for inspiration my eyes spotted this beautiful tree which was full of life and housed this space within its lower trunk.
My quilt was achieved by drawing with a special fabric pen, and particularly good crayons that suit fabric, and then machine stitching for enhancement and drawing together all the essential elements.

The technique is quite a different direction to my norm. However it has much attraction and I am “drawn” to put my skills to work and create two more, at least, as this contemporary style will suit our lounge room exceedingly well.

I welcome your comments – please tell me what you think of this new style (for me).

Stanwell Tops tree quilt

One Response to From the window

  1. Lindy Wilson says:

    Having seen your “From the Window” quilt live at the NSW Quilters’ Guild meeting last Saturday I am incredibly impressed with the effect you have achieved – it looks fantastic. Keep them coming Pamela. Lindy

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