Yee Ha!

November 30, 2009
'Tis a pleasure!

'Tis a pleasure!

Later in life my friend took a fancy to horse riding. So when it came time to congratulate her on her big achievement, I just had to make sure she has her own horse. A bonus for her is that she will now have more horsepower.


The “experts” say that body language says so much about us.

Well, the body language of my friend Sandra certainly demonstrated this to great effect yesterday
when she opened up a beautiful box, inside which,  was my gift.    Instantly she became a little girl again – delighted with the horse I made for her.   Once again she was galloping across paddocks into the wild wilderness of NSW countryside, well in her spirit whilst being firmly based at her home with family and friends yesterday.
This horse was made under the guidance of instructions from  “Cloth Paper Scissors” magazine, issue 27 (current edition).  Of course I adapted the instructions to fit my needs.  Being the first time making something like this,I think it turned out quite nicely.   It is fun to  muck in and just “horse around” sometimes!  Friendships often take you in different directions – my old friendship with Sandra and my new friendship with this magazine….a new subscription I took on just a few months ago.  Yee Ha!!!

Time for a little “horsing” around!

November 27, 2009

♥  Are you patient?  I hope so.   I say this because on Monday I will be posting a picture of a creature made for a long-time friend.  After a very long haul, Sandra has achieved her dream of being awarded her PhD (in rehabilitation/psychology science) through Sydney University.   It hasn’t been a fast gallop, it did involve a bit of falling off and need to get back on track – I know, having watched some of the ups and downs  of this academic journey.   

♥ To celebrate her hugemongous effort I have made her a beautiful and quirky creature – one that reflects her passion for the pleasure of  life (much more than studying).  Making this creature has taken my skills in a totally new direction… has been lots of fun playing around.   Until I give it to Sandra, I am unable to share this with you…just for the moment. 

♥ So I hope you will watch this space.  It will be worth waiting – do come back early next week and see what I crafted, will you?  It will make a big big smile.

Gearing up for 2010!

November 19, 2009

Splashing around with fabric paints.

Gearing up for 2010!    Well I dont know about you, but I lurve my diary.   To see the next year rolling out before me fills me with anticipation and excitement.    It is a time to reflect upon skills I want to learn, people I desire to meet, and work that has to be done.

So I bought a $2 diary from the local dollar shop at Hornsby, delved into my stash to pull out some boring calico, opened the paint cupboard to see what I could find.   

Here is the result of havingsome lighthearted fun using my acrylic paints.  Its a pretty chirpy cover dont you think?   Maybe you too, will be making a diary cover for your 2010.

Interested in coming to Chatswood for a workshop?

November 10, 2009
A4 landscapes 022

A result of just playing with my embellishing machine and different fibres

This month I am will be teaching two workshops at the Chatswood Sewing Centre – which has fantastic classroom space. 

Being located near the corner of Penshurst and Victoria Sts, parking is easy.

My one-day workshops will teach aspects of “Playing with Angelina Fibres”  and “Getting to know your Embellishing Machine”.  

Both are relaxing and fun workshops, with lots of creative experimenting build into each day.

For more information, please go to  or if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me on