Yee Ha!

'Tis a pleasure!

'Tis a pleasure!

Later in life my friend took a fancy to horse riding. So when it came time to congratulate her on her big achievement, I just had to make sure she has her own horse. A bonus for her is that she will now have more horsepower.


The “experts” say that body language says so much about us.

Well, the body language of my friend Sandra certainly demonstrated this to great effect yesterday
when she opened up a beautiful box, inside which,  was my gift.    Instantly she became a little girl again – delighted with the horse I made for her.   Once again she was galloping across paddocks into the wild wilderness of NSW countryside, well in her spirit whilst being firmly based at her home with family and friends yesterday.
This horse was made under the guidance of instructions from  “Cloth Paper Scissors” magazine, issue 27 (current edition).  Of course I adapted the instructions to fit my needs.  Being the first time making something like this,I think it turned out quite nicely.   It is fun to  muck in and just “horse around” sometimes!  Friendships often take you in different directions – my old friendship with Sandra and my new friendship with this magazine….a new subscription I took on just a few months ago.  Yee Ha!!!

4 Responses to Yee Ha!

  1. Erica says:

    Pamela, no wonder your friend was thrilled! What a fabulously thoughtful gift.

  2. Kaite says:

    Bentley is a wonderful horse, how exciting for her to have her own horse to dream on.

  3. Monica says:

    This wonderful pony reminds me of my wonderful broach–a gift from you. Last week I had trouble locating it and was beside myself thinking it had gone through the wash! In fact, it was still pinned to a blouse hanging in the closet–phew!! I love it and wear it a lot so I was very glad to find it safe.

    This horse you’ve made has that sort of inherent mojo–like a Zuni fetish. Very cool.

  4. Pamela says:

    Monica, its lovely to hear from you. I trust your talents are blooming despite being so far away from your old Aussie influences and days sitting around the Guild committee table.

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