Time for a change!


Hey, its time for fun!

My dear  “man of the house” had been suggesting for a long time, something that I only recently believed would be feasible.  





Jenn - paint dancing!

Great floor covering!

Moving  my studio from the smallest to the largest room in the house!   This time around (from his suggesting) in my mind it all seemed to make sense, i.e. to relocate everything in the lounge, dining, and guest rooms  would be OK – but would you know it…… it was better than that!  It is FANTASTIC having space for my creative spirit!   More than that…..all the other rooms work much  much better now  and more harmoniously within the new arrangement.


Here you will see my long-time friend Jenn during her visit here yesterday Monday 14.12.09, having a P & P day.  Paints, paper, and of course the associated  big mess – just look what wonderful images were created. 

Jenn is a whiz with new techniques – we shared so much …. the new books we both received as “early Xmas presents”, and then poured out all the ideas that would transfer onto paper.    We were thrilled with our productions – Jenn taught me a new technique using credit cards!  Now that’s a mystery, isnt it?  Want to know more? 


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