More horse influence on my art-quilting!

The horse got away!

We had such a lovely pre-Christmas lunch with friends who own horses for joy,  I just sent this postcard in the mail today.  

Thanking them not only for a delicious lunch, great hospitality, but also a donation from their horse’s mane and tail.  Back home this hair was laundered with great care, and it looked so lovely and pure white – in fact, good enough to feature on my postcard to them.   

Quite a stroke of luck it was – watching the horse being brushed for a ride, when thoughts stirred within me ….  of creating an art-quilt which incorporates horses hair.   I say had to blurt out – may I have that?   I did get a few quizzical looks.

This postcard was the ideal way to trial my idea – and I must say, the result is very pleasing.  It was a great way too, to express our thanks to our delightful hosts.  They are one of a kind too.


One Response to More horse influence on my art-quilting!

  1. Kaite says:

    Looks like the horse built a nest in the sky! Fun design. I’ve incorporated horse hair in a few pieces over the years, never thought to wash it tho :} probably a good idea! K.

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