Time to meander and develop.

January 28, 2010

Summer time in Sydney has cooled off … dropped 15 degrees to now be a mere 26 degrees, so I have had my head down to develop a new quilt to teach an intriguing technique at a future workshop.  That is, if this idea of mine takes off.   The quilt is only half there – some buds yet to be attached(,hint hint, as to what this quilt style this is going to be) , and a decision as to whether I have a patterned border or perhaps a pillowslip edge.   Meantime while I focus on finishing my new quilt, this picture shows a favourite of mine – where I applied various mixed mediums over fabric.   Foils, silk cocoon strippings, fabric paints, worked well together on this mountain collage – inspired from my travels to the Flinders Ranges where the dessert colours stun you with their magnificence.

Also……….I have just stated a linocutting course.    Mmmmm my cheap lino cutting tools are not the best and if anyone can advise me on good quality lino cutting tools to purchase (and where from)  I welcome any hints you care to pass on.    Maybe if my “homework” turns out well enough, I will post some examples, but I cant think about this just yet.  I have to get skilled at this new process.  Looks like its going to be a great workshop with people scattered over the globe.   Well, there is lots to do. so  see you later.


Rusting Results!

January 22, 2010



Four days of baking in the sun

produced interesting marks on these cotton fabrics.  

Now to decide how to use these in my art-quilting…..that is my next challenge!

Messages of warmth!

January 20, 2010

Forgive me for this….but LUCKY ME!

From my on-line friend Kaite … who is too busy to scratch herself, along came these lovely cards.  One for a Happy New Year, the other to welcome in summertime and all its festivities at this time of the year.    There’s nothing like a vase of flowers with the accompanying letter P to cheer one up.   Kaite’s Gelato technique is scrumptious with its layers of papers, fabrics, organza, and sequins bonded together with metallic stitching and tuille.   Just divine!   And the other card with its fibreart and special techniques including Textiva is terrific too.  Which is best!   I am not answering this because they both hit the spot!   But you may have an opinion…..Come on, don’t be silent… let’s hear from you.   And don’t forget to take a peep at Kaite’s Yarngarden website (see her link on my page) to be gobsmacked by her other fabulous and inventive work.

Rusting – batch number 2

January 16, 2010

Recent sweltering weather provided the ideal climate to batch another load of rusting fabric. 

Look what happens 4 days after being wrapped in plastic and left for nature to guide the rusting process.   Unwrapped and ready for washing, this bundle produced mysterious marks.    Please come back to visit in a couple of days time to see the result!   I wasn’t disappointed – so I don’t think you will be either. 

All wrapped and nowhere to hide!

The big year 2010 – may there is lots in store!

January 14, 2010

Isnt it great —   after the busy time preparing for Christmas, the aftermath period provided T I M E, yes lovely sumptuous time to do whatever you please.   No cooking to do – after all there is all those “leftovers” and even a can of baked beans gets a lookin at our place – so life was easy peasy.  For a few days anyway!   

On behalf of ATASDA NSW (see their website link below)  I have been ultra busy organising a great list of creative tutors to teach this year.   Aiming for a good spread of techniques, some at beginner level, some providing more advanced work, I am sure it will be a feast for your eyes – once we unveil details in February when ATASDA’s new website is up and running – whoopee.
Meantime, whilst being grounded to the computer with all this organisation (17 Workshops and Tasters)I needed to come up for air.   This is a little of what I produced – my fantasy purse.   Do you like it?   Click on the photo for a larger view. 
Want to come to a workshop where this is taught?  Do let me know what you are thinking as I like to “hear” my readers thoughts.  
Best wishes for a healthy and creatively nourishing year ahead.

Brew No.1 : Rusting and Mark Making

January 3, 2010
Purchased and hand made stamps

After being inspired by my friend Jenn’s rusted fabrics, I got out my ” lotions and potions”.   Four days later my fabrics achieved marks by rust, but I wasn’t that happy with the result.  It was too anaemic for my liking.   So after further friendly consultation  (and the loan of her “tools of the trade” (well rusted metal ware found during the half-yearly council neighbourhood cleanup), I have another load brewing in my backyard which includes re-doing some pieces from my first rusting attempt. 

I can’t even peep at it for a further 3 days or more;  my patience is tested!  As is yours….you must wait a few days before YOU2  can see the result…….. so do come back.

Whilst rusting lot number 2 is brewing, I decided some of the anaemic looking pieces from brew No.1 needed further Mark Making.   With my left overs textile paints (from an ATASDA workshop tutored by Marie Therese Wisniowski) I applied colour and movement onto these fabrics.  A range of stamps were used, including self-made from wood, rubber bands, string, and the glue gun, and also the Indian wooden carved stamp I purchased from Lynne Britten (Batik Oetoro).  

Do you think that a little transformation occurred here?  I think the mark making has significantly changed the fabric….. I envisage using these in my future art-quilts.