Brew No.1 : Rusting and Mark Making

Purchased and hand made stamps

After being inspired by my friend Jenn’s rusted fabrics, I got out my ” lotions and potions”.   Four days later my fabrics achieved marks by rust, but I wasn’t that happy with the result.  It was too anaemic for my liking.   So after further friendly consultation  (and the loan of her “tools of the trade” (well rusted metal ware found during the half-yearly council neighbourhood cleanup), I have another load brewing in my backyard which includes re-doing some pieces from my first rusting attempt. 

I can’t even peep at it for a further 3 days or more;  my patience is tested!  As is yours….you must wait a few days before YOU2  can see the result…….. so do come back.

Whilst rusting lot number 2 is brewing, I decided some of the anaemic looking pieces from brew No.1 needed further Mark Making.   With my left overs textile paints (from an ATASDA workshop tutored by Marie Therese Wisniowski) I applied colour and movement onto these fabrics.  A range of stamps were used, including self-made from wood, rubber bands, string, and the glue gun, and also the Indian wooden carved stamp I purchased from Lynne Britten (Batik Oetoro).  

Do you think that a little transformation occurred here?  I think the mark making has significantly changed the fabric….. I envisage using these in my future art-quilts.


6 Responses to Brew No.1 : Rusting and Mark Making

  1. Kaite says:

    Looking good so far, rusting can be a lot of fun, just so long as you don’t peep!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Some very interesting experiments! I’d love to see them close-up.

  3. Pamela says:

    I have Brew No.2 hanging on the line to dry. So I now have more to show you.

  4. Melisa Hori says:

    Liked the blog.Very informative and to the point.You will surely see me around your blog quite often as I like improving my knowledge.

  5. Pamela says:

    It’s nice to hear your thoughts about my blog Melisa. Welcome aboard to learning and playing with fibres and textiles.

  6. meta says:

    Never tried rusting, it looks fascinating!

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