The big year 2010 – may there is lots in store!

Isnt it great —   after the busy time preparing for Christmas, the aftermath period provided T I M E, yes lovely sumptuous time to do whatever you please.   No cooking to do – after all there is all those “leftovers” and even a can of baked beans gets a lookin at our place – so life was easy peasy.  For a few days anyway!   

On behalf of ATASDA NSW (see their website link below)  I have been ultra busy organising a great list of creative tutors to teach this year.   Aiming for a good spread of techniques, some at beginner level, some providing more advanced work, I am sure it will be a feast for your eyes – once we unveil details in February when ATASDA’s new website is up and running – whoopee.
Meantime, whilst being grounded to the computer with all this organisation (17 Workshops and Tasters)I needed to come up for air.   This is a little of what I produced – my fantasy purse.   Do you like it?   Click on the photo for a larger view. 
Want to come to a workshop where this is taught?  Do let me know what you are thinking as I like to “hear” my readers thoughts.  
Best wishes for a healthy and creatively nourishing year ahead.

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