Messages of warmth!

Forgive me for this….but LUCKY ME!

From my on-line friend Kaite … who is too busy to scratch herself, along came these lovely cards.  One for a Happy New Year, the other to welcome in summertime and all its festivities at this time of the year.    There’s nothing like a vase of flowers with the accompanying letter P to cheer one up.   Kaite’s Gelato technique is scrumptious with its layers of papers, fabrics, organza, and sequins bonded together with metallic stitching and tuille.   Just divine!   And the other card with its fibreart and special techniques including Textiva is terrific too.  Which is best!   I am not answering this because they both hit the spot!   But you may have an opinion…..Come on, don’t be silent… let’s hear from you.   And don’t forget to take a peep at Kaite’s Yarngarden website (see her link on my page) to be gobsmacked by her other fabulous and inventive work.


2 Responses to Messages of warmth!

  1. Kaite says:

    hi Pamela, nice vase umm cone, of gelato flowers you have there. They look good enough to eat. Kaite

  2. Pamela says:

    Isnt it funny how our subconscious works? I have always loved colour, flowers, vases of them and the mixture of gelato in those luscious icecreamery shops. So my first reaction to Kaite’s gelato card was to eyeball the colours, the flowers, and see a vase instead of a cone. Oh we humans are funny creatures, probably just as well we are not too predictable. I do love this card with its cone/vase of gelato.

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