Time to meander and develop.

Summer time in Sydney has cooled off … dropped 15 degrees to now be a mere 26 degrees, so I have had my head down to develop a new quilt to teach an intriguing technique at a future workshop.  That is, if this idea of mine takes off.   The quilt is only half there – some buds yet to be attached(,hint hint, as to what this quilt style this is going to be) , and a decision as to whether I have a patterned border or perhaps a pillowslip edge.   Meantime while I focus on finishing my new quilt, this picture shows a favourite of mine – where I applied various mixed mediums over fabric.   Foils, silk cocoon strippings, fabric paints, worked well together on this mountain collage – inspired from my travels to the Flinders Ranges where the dessert colours stun you with their magnificence.

Also……….I have just stated a linocutting course.    Mmmmm my cheap lino cutting tools are not the best and if anyone can advise me on good quality lino cutting tools to purchase (and where from)  I welcome any hints you care to pass on.    Maybe if my “homework” turns out well enough, I will post some examples, but I cant think about this just yet.  I have to get skilled at this new process.  Looks like its going to be a great workshop with people scattered over the globe.   Well, there is lots to do. so  see you later.


One Response to Time to meander and develop.

  1. Kaite says:

    hi Pamela, time for you to go for a meander into the hills of this quilt and leave all the “homework” behind. Love the pics you sent me, very “on theme”. Big Huggg, Kaite

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