An absolutely Fab screen printing workshop!

March 29, 2010

As a complete novice, I was a student of Marie-Therese Wisnowski this weekend.  

Marie-Therese tutored this 2-day workshop on behalf of ATASDA NSW.     It was a time of full-on learning.  All about preparing the silk screen for long-time use, then information about the paints, and of course a few of the many techniques that can be taught.   The weekend went so so quickly.    

 My favourite method of screen printing is when an  improvisation approach is used.  I just loved the images that came from use of cold wax;  also masking tape to create shapes and mood. 

Here are a few samples of work completed during the weekend.    I am hooked on this technique and am eager to get to work, produce more samples, and take on more learning.   The group of ladies who attended – 10 of us in all, really enjoyed the experience.  Our enthusiasm rocked the boat!!!   Best of all, was the approach of our teacher.  Marie-Therese was very willing to share her knowledge and skill – she patiently addressed all our questions, and we were inspired by her approach.  What a wonderful teacher I had.


Practice session with a purpose!

March 22, 2010

With the need to add something red to my wardrobe – within a tight budget – meant some creative shopping!   One of my goals is to walk more, and not at the pace of our dog’]s walkies – I talked my husband into leaving the car and walking to the hardware store.    Seeing it was the hardware store, it was an easy decision.  

Bored with more time in the hardware store, I just popped into the shop next door – St Vinnies, and what do I spy with my little eye?   A red T-shirt – large size for comfort, made of good quality cotton – had enough length to cover well, and this was the grand sum of $5.00.  But of course at this price, there was one disadvantage – bright white letters spelt out a strong message about home loans.   Just me!!!  I don’t think so.  

Anyway back at home base, I got to work with my linocutting lesson homework tiles and inks.   And Samera had to oversight these operations too.   Anyway, I am now much fonder of my red T-shirt especially as I added the words “NO NO NO” right above the home loan message….This is visible if you click on the last photo to see an enlargement.  And do take a close-up look of my printing – I just love the textures created on this print.

This will be my coverall during a week-long workshop learning mark making by deconstruction screen printing.   Hopefully at the end of this experience, the colour may be much more interesting.  


March 18, 2010


Past months have taken me along adventurous paths of learning to print with linocuts, teach classes, and playing with new creative ideas.   


RIGHT NOW my psyche is taking me down a familiar old pathway – one that I know I truly love. 

The result – well why not take a look.   ” Flinders Ridges” (below) is closest to my heart!

My favourite of all these pieces - made with machine embroidery and use of the embellishing machine.

Time out

March 14, 2010
Geraniums for love.

My favourite geraniums continue to blossom on my front verandah, waiting for my creativity to show the results of “time out”.  

So, this is why my blogland time has been rather quiet lately, but very soon I will have something lovely to show you that comes from my own hands.  

I have realised that sometimes it is good for the soul to   s l o w   d o w n  – something I resist until my body says “its time”.  

As a result I have returned to my love of landscapes – one piece “Flinders Ridges” is nearly finished so please come back in a day or so and you can have a looksee.

I hope to see you soon.  Take care.


Terrific NEWS! A collaboration of art-quilters – A Must See!

March 9, 2010

At the ATASDA members meeting on March 6, we were treated to a presentation by Brenda Gael Smith of Serendipity Art-quilts.  Brenda a “local” quilter, from the Central Coast of New South Wales, is a member of Twelve by 12.  

This was such a treat for the eyes and soul – to hear about the adventures of the Twelve by 12 art-quilters and view a selection of the pieces – including Brenda’s additional quilts.

I wish to introduce you to this group.

 Twelve quilt artists embarked on an art challenge together to make a small quilted art piece — 12 by 12 inches — on a designated theme, every two months or so. Their blog shares their process, progress, and results. From different places throughout the world their artistic styles is varied and their love of art quilting and a desire to play, experiment, learn, to grow bonds them together.


Opportunities to see this exhibition abound –

29 April – 2 May 2010: Australasian Quilt Convention Melbourne, Australia

28 May – 23 June 2010: Gosford Regional Gallery NSW, Australia

25 – 27 June 2010: Textile Art Festival Brisbane, Australia

9 – 12 September 2010: Craft & Quilt Fair Hamilton, New Zealand

17-19 September 2010: Craft & Quilt Fair Christchurch, New Zealand

To find out more, just click on