Terrific NEWS! A collaboration of art-quilters – A Must See!

At the ATASDA members meeting on March 6, we were treated to a presentation by Brenda Gael Smith of Serendipity Art-quilts.  Brenda a “local” quilter, from the Central Coast of New South Wales, is a member of Twelve by 12.  

This was such a treat for the eyes and soul – to hear about the adventures of the Twelve by 12 art-quilters and view a selection of the pieces – including Brenda’s additional quilts.

I wish to introduce you to this group.

 Twelve quilt artists embarked on an art challenge together to make a small quilted art piece — 12 by 12 inches — on a designated theme, every two months or so. Their blog shares their process, progress, and results. From different places throughout the world their artistic styles is varied and their love of art quilting and a desire to play, experiment, learn, to grow bonds them together.


Opportunities to see this exhibition abound –

29 April – 2 May 2010: Australasian Quilt Convention Melbourne, Australia

28 May – 23 June 2010: Gosford Regional Gallery NSW, Australia

25 – 27 June 2010: Textile Art Festival Brisbane, Australia

9 – 12 September 2010: Craft & Quilt Fair Hamilton, New Zealand

17-19 September 2010: Craft & Quilt Fair Christchurch, New Zealand

To find out more, just click on  


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