Practice session with a purpose!

With the need to add something red to my wardrobe – within a tight budget – meant some creative shopping!   One of my goals is to walk more, and not at the pace of our dog’]s walkies – I talked my husband into leaving the car and walking to the hardware store.    Seeing it was the hardware store, it was an easy decision.  

Bored with more time in the hardware store, I just popped into the shop next door – St Vinnies, and what do I spy with my little eye?   A red T-shirt – large size for comfort, made of good quality cotton – had enough length to cover well, and this was the grand sum of $5.00.  But of course at this price, there was one disadvantage – bright white letters spelt out a strong message about home loans.   Just me!!!  I don’t think so.  

Anyway back at home base, I got to work with my linocutting lesson homework tiles and inks.   And Samera had to oversight these operations too.   Anyway, I am now much fonder of my red T-shirt especially as I added the words “NO NO NO” right above the home loan message….This is visible if you click on the last photo to see an enlargement.  And do take a close-up look of my printing – I just love the textures created on this print.

This will be my coverall during a week-long workshop learning mark making by deconstruction screen printing.   Hopefully at the end of this experience, the colour may be much more interesting.  

One Response to Practice session with a purpose!

  1. Kaite says:

    The textures are nice, but i think i would have made the no no’s a wee bit larger. We’ll see you coming up in Orange. K.

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