An absolutely Fab screen printing workshop!

As a complete novice, I was a student of Marie-Therese Wisnowski this weekend.  

Marie-Therese tutored this 2-day workshop on behalf of ATASDA NSW.     It was a time of full-on learning.  All about preparing the silk screen for long-time use, then information about the paints, and of course a few of the many techniques that can be taught.   The weekend went so so quickly.    

 My favourite method of screen printing is when an  improvisation approach is used.  I just loved the images that came from use of cold wax;  also masking tape to create shapes and mood. 

Here are a few samples of work completed during the weekend.    I am hooked on this technique and am eager to get to work, produce more samples, and take on more learning.   The group of ladies who attended – 10 of us in all, really enjoyed the experience.  Our enthusiasm rocked the boat!!!   Best of all, was the approach of our teacher.  Marie-Therese was very willing to share her knowledge and skill – she patiently addressed all our questions, and we were inspired by her approach.  What a wonderful teacher I had.


2 Responses to An absolutely Fab screen printing workshop!

  1. Kaite says:

    hi Pamela, i was just about to ask you how the weekend went and here you are talking about it. That’s good, now you know a bit more ready for Forum. K.

  2. Marie-Therese says:

    Hi Pamela,
    Thank you for your very kind words.
    I was thrilled with the extraordinary output of the class participants who created exciting and stunning printed pieces throughout the course of the workshop. It was an honour to tutor such an enthusiastic class !
    I’m looking forward to seeing your future printed works as you travel on your creative journey ! Happy printing !

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