Fibre Forum 2010 at Orange NSW


 Time at Fibre Forum is an annual treat.  

It’s a break from all the usual daily chores and time to indulge in learning new skills.     This year I was one of 15 students in four and a half days of playing with deconstructed printing and mark making.  Our tutor was Kerr Grabowski from USA who kept us busy working our screens to produce some very interesting pieces of work.  

Thankfully the weather was fabulous – glorious sunny days to ease the physical demands of our work, and hasten the drying time so that we could pull release paste through screens without too much adoo. 

If you havent attended a Fibre Forum before, here’s a brief rundown on what happens.   Most of us elect to live in – which for me, meant I had my own (tiny) room on site.   This made it easy to access the workshop area every day.   All meals are provided and we ate well.   At specified times we attended “lectures” where all the tutors showcased their work.   Friday night is party night when you get a chance to dress up to kill and dance the night away.   The last day showcases all students works in an exhibition held in a contained area – where the public come to admire and be inspired.   Of course there was lots more on offer – and you can read about it by googling TAFTA or Orange Fibre Forum.

As you can see the location is beautiful.   Most mornings I took a walk to explore the grounds – and these pictures give you a glimpse of the peaceful surrounds that Fibre Forum offers.

I have included a few photos of work that I produced at the workshop – I hope you enjoy them.

My time at Fibre Forum has inspired me to action – to play with mark marking, develop my drawing skills, and print lots of pieces for inclusion in art-quilts…………and perhaps even some art to wear.   Who knows what path this creative process will lead to?


One Response to Fibre Forum 2010 at Orange NSW

  1. kaite m says:

    hey Pamela, nice photos of Forum, and didn’t we have funn. your work has come up well. |<.

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