Inspiring workshop by Kim Thittichai

Just home from 6 days at Fibre Forum (Orange) when it was time to get back in the car again with workshop tools ready to go.   

It was well worth rustling up the energy as Kim Thittichai exuded energy, organisation, and knowledge which she so happily shared with the 14 eager beavers from ATASDA.  

Here’s a sample of work undertaken at the workshop;  also 4 brooches made once I returned to my home studio.  

One of the brooches already has a new home – my sister-in-law chose this as her birthday present – she loves it.    And I love the fact that someone enjoys my creations.  

And I have Kim to thank for encouraging me to push my boundaries with heat tools and just experiment, play, and experiment some more.   Many of the applications taught were already known – it was the combination that created an element of surprize and amazement.

If you are interested in working with heat tools then I suggest you take a look at Kim’s books – Hot Textiles, and Experimental Textiles – both which are available in crafty bookshops and also from or the Book Depository in UK.  

They will whet you appetite!   

And if you are an ATASDA member, these books are in the library – another wonderful service that is available to members.


One Response to Inspiring workshop by Kim Thittichai

  1. kaite m says:

    you have been pushing boundaries well, great to see, they’re all lovely. have a nice trip today, K.

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