Home again…..time to focus.

May 25, 2010

Time away has been delightful – Firstly Quiltcamp at Kurrajong, then Fibre Forum at Orange, followed by Australasian Quilt Convention at Melbourne, and a workshop at Epping squeezed in between!! Delight being there, but now delighted to be at home again to focus on creating.

The influences of terrific teachers like Rosalie Dace and Susan Mathews is beginning to show on my latest pieces of work. Here is a sample to show some pieces I was asked to make to exhibit in a gallery. I am interested to know which of the four pieces you prefer and the reason for your choice. And just for fun, here is a photo of my dog Zenny, and a lovely shot taken a few days ago at our local park – Bobbin Head. It is a piece of heaven.


Colouring our world – the Melbourne AQC.

May 10, 2010

Since my last visit to the Australasian Quilt Convention, the location moved to the absolutely gorgeous Exhibition Building in Carlton (a worldwide heritage listing) – you can see the marvel for yourself on these photos. I was gobsmacked at the beauty of the building – both inside and outside.

Traders were hard at work downstairs, whilst us students were hard at work in the upstairs classrooms. Sometimes choice of a workshop is a gamble – when you know very little about the tutor’s style of teaching. This time, by a stroke of luck I picked the best tutor to teach me Confident Colour. Rosalie Dace is a South African lady from Durban – who is (to my mind) an exceptional teacher. She not only was organised with information that was relevant and useful to our goal of colour discovery, she paced it so that we were individually challenged but not overwhelmed….. and that is not all. For two days Rosalie worked very hard – every moment was used to effectively relate to each of us – 20 students in all from all parts of Australasia.

On day 1 we did lots of small exercises, playing with different colour mixes to see what happened (or didn’t happen). I personally found it hard going – putting the theory into practice with these exercises was not as easy as I expected and it was not “gelling” and I left the workshop with my body feeling heavy (probably too from a 4.30am start to the day). However a good night’s sleep worked wonders – because day 2 went like a breeze. I had decided to treat the workshop as a learning experience to understand the process – and not worry about producing a product (terrific mini-quilt). I relaxed. I played with colour. I opened up and I was “cooking with gas” (as they say).

Here’s some photos showing a series of works completed by my friend Dorothy, and myself, from Day 1. Other photo’s are to share the inspiration I felt by looking at our tutor’s stunning quilts.

Back home again I am completing my mini-quilt that began life on Day 2 at AQC. I hope to be able to show it to you within the next week, so please come back and take a peek. My dreams at night are much more colourful now, thanks to Rosalie Dace’s terrific tuition. Friendships formed, along with the singing and dancing at the AQC Gala Dinner helped too!!!! What a satisfying time away this trip was.

Reaching for the stars – at Quiltcamp – Kurrajong NSW.

May 9, 2010

Camera technical difficulties have been overcome, to now show you the quilting skills of two of my friends (Dorothy from Terrigal and Sue from Mudgee) with moi at Quiltcamp 2010.

The “blue rinse quilters”, as we were known, had won a prize of a trip to Houston – well, that’s what we said! Our skit developed further when we were flown to Houston by the Flying Geese Airlines, only to find out that the real stars were back home.

We added to the fun of the night by braving the stage to role play our little hearts out – much to the amusement of the crowd watching us. Sometimes it is good for us to get out of our comfort zones and do something very different….it certainly was good for the soul .. and it added to the joy of the night for all at Quiltcamp.

Soon, maybe tomorrow – I will tell you all about my trip to the Melbourne Quilt Convention. It was absolutely fabulous – so I hope you return to read more about my textile art experience there.