Miniature gift – Huge smile.

My collection of little treasures

Yesterday at the Quilters Guild of NSW general meeting held at Burwood, our demonstrator was Catherine from Craft Mailbox. The technique that Catherine chose to show us was how to weave fabrics or ribbons to create quilts and home utility pieces, and of course Artist Trading Cards.

Coincidentally this morning I opened a gift that was mailed to me by my country friends (you know who you are). And this is a photo of my delightful woven surprize. This miniature bowl and its accompanying card is so beautifully made, I think from a more complex process than I witnessed yesterday. Gee I have clever friends!


3 Responses to Miniature gift – Huge smile.

  1. kaite says:

    hi Pamela, yes the basket is a bit more complex than what you might have been shown. For starters i made the fabric paper that it is woven with, so there’s one day by itself! then another day of weaving it. I’m pleased you opened everything today. enjoy…kaite

  2. Pam Prosser says:

    that is so lovely, I adore it!

  3. Monica says:

    Reminds me of bolder opals.

    Lovely to see your current work.

    I wear the brooch you gave me all the time and get so many compliments.

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