Such challenging times…

Difficulties during this past month had the effect of cooling off all of my creativity – hence the reason for my “quietness”. Thankfully that’s changing!!! Entries for the 2010 Quilters’ Guild of NSW challenge are due by the end of this month. Until the entries are judged I am unable to show you my work of art……. but I thought you would like to see this tiny 2-inch teaser. Some of the silk products pictured here were just what I needed to finish my quilt. The other photograph shows some silk products that I was lucky enough to receive in the mail just this week. A quilting friend who was cleaning out her studio thought I might be able to enjoy these goodies. How serendipitous is that? Thank you Brenda – for the surprise, also for the rippled effect of inspiration that directed the completion of my challenge quilt.

One Response to Such challenging times…

  1. kaite says:

    i love the little 2inch teaser, it reminds me of Wattle Day…kaite

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