Screen Printing using improvisational techniques

Last week at a terrific workshop by Marie-Therese Wisniowski from New South Wales, our tutor showed this masterpiece sample to whet our appetite and give us “girls” something to aim towards.
What makes this fabric so appealing is the complexity of movement created by many layers of screen printed images.
My sample from the workshop looks “OK” but not good enough (yet) to proudly exhibit this on my blog….maybe in good time it will be worthy of showing.

As you can see, Marie-Therese really enjoyed tutoring our group. It was such a well paced workshop and sooooooooooo much fun too. By the way, the workshop was arranged by ATASDA (a not for profit organisation run purely by volunteers) – and you can view their details via my blog.

You may like to Google .. Marie-Therese Wisniowski’s new blog .. to read lots of exciting information about art-cloth and her Art Quill organisation.

Come back in a few days when I will have posted pictures of my latest creations which are soon to be mailed to a gallery.


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