Textile Art – new pieces are on the scene!

“Natures Forces” was created on cotton cloth using Jo Sonja’s acrylic paints, then stitched by machine, embellished further with hand stitching. This time I did not dilute the paints and so the high pigmentation gives an intensity I really like for this particular image.

Curious to view the values I included a black and white image of the same piece.

“Natures Forces” has been entered into the “Brush With Art” exhibition in South Australia.

More pieces are coming to my blog….so please come back and revisit soon. You will see more of my entries into the Brush With Art exhibition.


2 Responses to Textile Art – new pieces are on the scene!

  1. Pam Prosser says:

    Your work still continues to amaze me, I love that you are aware of the balance of tonal values in the black and white scan.

  2. Pamela says:

    Thank you Pam. It seems the more I know, the less I know (or rather the more I want to know). The learning curve provides an enjoyable stride into newness.

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