Visual Texture

October 16, 2010

I love….the discovery of different visual textures.

Look at these delicious images taken during autumn and recent walks around Ku-Ring-Gai national park. One of these is handmade texture which was applied by screen printing onto fabric.   I am sure you can tell which one this is, can you?

I think that these textures are food for thought….to stimulate thoughts about how to introduce these types of textures to fabric by use of  colour and fibres.   Now there’s a challenge!


Diversional contemplation!

October 13, 2010

Enjoying coffee with two friends at the Museum of Contemporary Art cafe I couldnt help but notice the emerging changes in Sydney skyscape.

Sitting at the coffee table I clicked this photo – and was entertained by time to reflect on the old and the new.  I knew that the grand old building that houses the MCA is to be renovated/rebuilt.  However to see the beginnings of this change sparked my interest in shapes, lines, and textures.   The temporary “new” building which butted the MCA contrasted so nicely with the “old” sparkling opera house roof that still looks brand spanking new.   A nice contrast, don’t you think?

Altering the visual texture by process of discharge on pre-dyed fabric.

October 10, 2010

Whilst all the buckets and messy stuff was readily available in the courtyard,  it was just the right time to mess around more with the discharge process.   A piece of cotton fabric that I previously dyed with Procion MX dyes was just waiting to be altered.  So I applied a thickish flour paste, waited for it to dry rock solid hard over 2 days, then cracking it all over, it was able to be discharged with an application of bleach.   The bleach settled into the cracks but not the area where the flour paste remained.    By the time I got to undertake the discharge process I discovered a few holes in the fabric – nibbled by a nighttime visitor, probably a hungry possum with a liking for some carbs.  Now doesn’t this makes for a unique piece of fabric? 

Seriously the process produces an interesting visual texture which in this case, enhanced the darkly dyed fabric that was sitting in my cupboard.   Now it beckons to be used in my art-quilting work, so in my book – that is a good result.

Click on the small pics to get a closer view.

Shibori S&T….Zen SNORED her way through my pathway to Shibori TEXTURE, but look at the result from using a narrow metal tube!

October 9, 2010

Shibori discharge – eyecatching results.

October 8, 2010
Whilst immersed in pots, pans, and “mess” that Shibori  discharge requires, I took the opportunity to do more homework.    
I put my new “tube turner” to good use, on a wide plumbers pipe, and a narrow metal pipe to produce stunningly eyecatching results.  
This turner is fantastic – saves a lot of frustration and physical hardship from winding string along bulk fabric – Barbara Schey’s wonderful design, which was freely conveyed to me at her workshop.  My handy hubby constructed the device, and presto I can wind my string like a breeze!
Methods used in this batch were the pole wrap, Arashi, and Pamela’s method of splashing/sloshing – all to good effect.  
I am itching now to try my hand at Shibori techniques using dyes.    Just hope the weather stays fine – and I finish my commissioned quilt for a newborn during the next few days, so I can Shibori fabrics with the colours of the rainbow.
I welcome your comments.

Shibori homework

October 6, 2010

Brimming with confidence gained at Barbara Schey’s Shibori workshop it was time to tie myself up in knots with homework.

Here’s my first batch of discharged pieces – arashi technique on one piece, the other used woodblocks.

The (top) lighter piece was discharged using bubble wrap – I left it discharging too long hence the reason for being so light, too light in fact but still interesting.

Creative explorations continue….

October 3, 2010

Once a month, I join six creative women to share our creative talents, amongst lots of talking and laughter. Last month I was introduced to the application of Transfer Paints on polyester fabrics – what fun this was…..thanks Barbara. Here is a sample of postcards I completed back at home, using organza (with transferred images) to overlay commercially printed cotton fabric. My trusty Pfaff machine stitched marks with Superior thread to hilight the hidden images.

If you have had experience using Polysol Transfer Paints I welcome your comments. If you havent then I also welcome hearing your thoughts too.