Shibori discharge – eyecatching results.

Whilst immersed in pots, pans, and “mess” that Shibori  discharge requires, I took the opportunity to do more homework.    
I put my new “tube turner” to good use, on a wide plumbers pipe, and a narrow metal pipe to produce stunningly eyecatching results.  
This turner is fantastic – saves a lot of frustration and physical hardship from winding string along bulk fabric – Barbara Schey’s wonderful design, which was freely conveyed to me at her workshop.  My handy hubby constructed the device, and presto I can wind my string like a breeze!
Methods used in this batch were the pole wrap, Arashi, and Pamela’s method of splashing/sloshing – all to good effect.  
I am itching now to try my hand at Shibori techniques using dyes.    Just hope the weather stays fine – and I finish my commissioned quilt for a newborn during the next few days, so I can Shibori fabrics with the colours of the rainbow.
I welcome your comments.

One Response to Shibori discharge – eyecatching results.

  1. Erica says:

    Looks like you are having fun, Pamela! Enjoy your dyeing.

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