Beautiful – Scrumptious – Delicious COLOUR!

Playing around with new ideas (again!!) and waiting for my earthy coloured painted textile piece to dry, I discovered my first cornflower bloom in the backyard garden.  

Ever since I was a little girl I loved sweet peas and sweet williams with their vibrant pink and mauve buds.  Ever since I was a big girl I have loved cornflowers – and any other flower with awesome (to use a cool young ‘un’s term) deep blue petals.  

This springtime I planted both these luscious plants in my backyard garden – just near the boring clothesline.  Collecting the dry laundry today I spotted my first cornflower bloom and wanted to share it with you.   I included a photo too so that you can see that our cat (Samera) was also intrigued by something new in the garden of bouquets!

Mmmmmmn – this is triggering a desire to include this colour into my next textile art piece.   I don’t think I can leave this idea alone – time to go now and let this thought simmer.


One Response to Beautiful – Scrumptious – Delicious COLOUR!

  1. kaite says:

    it’s a good year for flowering annuals, lovely blues.

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