Doggy Xmas!

December 25, 2010

Each year, our very talented Airedale terrier usually gives her dad a wonderful Xmas gift.   This year it was a replica (well sort of…) of herself!  

Here’s a few photos of her good work…..well her mum (that is ME) provided considerable help, can’t you tell?.  Also another photo showing Zenny resting early on Xmas morning, awaiting her reward….breakfast ham!

On a more serious note, with the new year about to pounce upon us, my thoughts are directed towards making some firm goals.  Goals that will hone in on developing new skills or sharpening areas where this is needed.  I will be talking about these in future posts, so do come on back and leave an encouraging comment, wont you?  

Whereever you are, I hope you are having a very very good Xmas break.

PS.  In case you are wondering, I made the dog from calico, gesso, acrylic paints, offcuts of batting, and machine stitching.    Quite easy to do, once I got started.  



December 20, 2010

   Just finished this – and ready to show in its completed form.

Thoughts of outback Australia emerged as I created this art-quilt.  

Made with paper, fabric, stitch and paint.   Jo Sonja paints and textile medium worked well – giving vibrant colour along with ease of application.  Stitching was achieved easily too.

I stitched around the binding to finish it off with a rustic look – to give the feeling of what you see when travelling the outback tracks in outback Australia.  

Not only do I enjoy the adventure of this techniques, I am looking forward to sharing knowledge by teaching a Sydney-based workshop in 2011. 

Something functional and eyecatching …

December 19, 2010

It has been time to start using one of my bundles of heat retardant batting I have been storing for a couple of years.  

I have been wanting to play around with interesting patchwork effects on a functional item – pot holders for the kitchen.  

I have made six of these potholders during the past week. 

Unfortunately some of them have been wrapped in Christmas paper and mailed to family and friends, so I didnt get to photograph them to show you. 

However these two – the latest creations – are yet to be given away.  

The best thing about these gorgeous potholders is they encourage creating in the kitchen!!  

Maybe that’s why the cookbook section of the local bookshop is a little lighter on!

These are a breeze to make and such fun to make.  

Lots of colour themes are in my head…………… post-Christmas recovery will see more of these arrive on the scene.

A larger view of silk sample

December 11, 2010

For some reason unknown to my IT-phobic mind, the photo’s on my previous post will not enlarge once clicked.  Once a upon a time they used to and I don’t know why they won’t do this now.  

If you hover your mouse over the photo, you can read a brief description.

Anyway, to keep life simple especially at this pre-Xmas busy time, I have posted a couple of these in larger format for you to see them more clearly.   Mmmmmm…I think there will be another addition to  my 2011 “to do” list – engaging professional help to improve my blogging skills!  Meantime I hope you enjoy these close-ups and you are relaxed in spite of this time of the year.


Simply Luscious Tactile SILK

December 10, 2010

In readiness for a playday with a friend I prepared a sample to whet her appetite.

Last night I applied gutta to silk – colourless, black, and pearl.   These created these “stand-out” lines – the pearl ones in particular.

This morning the piece was dry so I heat set the silk and then applied turquoise, cerulean blue, turquoise, and paprika silk dyes.   

 A short time in the microwave (one that is dedicated to my fabric art work ) – one of these photo’s shows the steam rising. 

A quick rinse, and presto…..doesn’t the result speaks for itself?

Mmmmm….I see another visit to Silksational (in Sydney) to purchase more dyes from Sylvia ….first item listed on my  “to do’s” for 2011.


PS…click on photo’s to see more detail.

Creative hearts & minds

December 5, 2010

Sydney’s continuing rainy weather is influencing the time spent in my studio.   Straying somewhat from my usual methods, I have been playing with paper, acrylic paints, threads and other yummy bits and pieces.  

I was one of three members asked to be guest speakers at the ATASDA NSW Christmas meeting yesterday on 4/12/2010.  I showed fifteen quilts – traditional and contemporary and talked about the techniques used and inspiration behind their designs.    Being part of the ATASDA group yesterday felt very special – time to enjoy other’s hearts and minds – to see and hear about their creative endeavours and what matters to them.  

My presentation included this unfinished piece of quilt-art made primarilly with hession and paper.  I applied Jo Sonja’s acrylic paints and stitching by machine and hand.  More work is needed to complete this piece of quilt-art.

And….after my presentation, a very nice surprize happened…..After the meeting I was delighted when one lady asked to purchase my tulip quilt that I designed especially to enter into the Quilters’ Guild Darling Harbour exhibition earlier this year.   It’s gone to a good home – I couldn’t be happier.

Once home again, I unwound by doing a little more work to this piece which reflects my love of outback Australia where the rich earthy colours dig deeply into my soul.

More and more, I am finding my mind is concentrating on elements of design.   This piece is quite symmetrical but with subtle diversions. 

Do you like it?  I welcome your impressions especially about design and what impacts on YOU.