Creative hearts & minds

Sydney’s continuing rainy weather is influencing the time spent in my studio.   Straying somewhat from my usual methods, I have been playing with paper, acrylic paints, threads and other yummy bits and pieces.  

I was one of three members asked to be guest speakers at the ATASDA NSW Christmas meeting yesterday on 4/12/2010.  I showed fifteen quilts – traditional and contemporary and talked about the techniques used and inspiration behind their designs.    Being part of the ATASDA group yesterday felt very special – time to enjoy other’s hearts and minds – to see and hear about their creative endeavours and what matters to them.  

My presentation included this unfinished piece of quilt-art made primarilly with hession and paper.  I applied Jo Sonja’s acrylic paints and stitching by machine and hand.  More work is needed to complete this piece of quilt-art.

And….after my presentation, a very nice surprize happened…..After the meeting I was delighted when one lady asked to purchase my tulip quilt that I designed especially to enter into the Quilters’ Guild Darling Harbour exhibition earlier this year.   It’s gone to a good home – I couldn’t be happier.

Once home again, I unwound by doing a little more work to this piece which reflects my love of outback Australia where the rich earthy colours dig deeply into my soul.

More and more, I am finding my mind is concentrating on elements of design.   This piece is quite symmetrical but with subtle diversions. 

Do you like it?  I welcome your impressions especially about design and what impacts on YOU.


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