Something functional and eyecatching …

It has been time to start using one of my bundles of heat retardant batting I have been storing for a couple of years.  

I have been wanting to play around with interesting patchwork effects on a functional item – pot holders for the kitchen.  

I have made six of these potholders during the past week. 

Unfortunately some of them have been wrapped in Christmas paper and mailed to family and friends, so I didnt get to photograph them to show you. 

However these two – the latest creations – are yet to be given away.  

The best thing about these gorgeous potholders is they encourage creating in the kitchen!!  

Maybe that’s why the cookbook section of the local bookshop is a little lighter on!

These are a breeze to make and such fun to make.  

Lots of colour themes are in my head…………… post-Christmas recovery will see more of these arrive on the scene.


One Response to Something functional and eyecatching …

  1. kaite says:

    quilting and food tend to go together naturally with you, the pot holders are very eye-catching…k.

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