Doggy Xmas!

Each year, our very talented Airedale terrier usually gives her dad a wonderful Xmas gift.   This year it was a replica (well sort of…) of herself!  

Here’s a few photos of her good work…..well her mum (that is ME) provided considerable help, can’t you tell?.  Also another photo showing Zenny resting early on Xmas morning, awaiting her reward….breakfast ham!

On a more serious note, with the new year about to pounce upon us, my thoughts are directed towards making some firm goals.  Goals that will hone in on developing new skills or sharpening areas where this is needed.  I will be talking about these in future posts, so do come on back and leave an encouraging comment, wont you?  

Whereever you are, I hope you are having a very very good Xmas break.

PS.  In case you are wondering, I made the dog from calico, gesso, acrylic paints, offcuts of batting, and machine stitching.    Quite easy to do, once I got started.  



2 Responses to Doggy Xmas!

  1. kaite says:

    oh you had me tricked for a while there Pamela, i thought that Zenny had made those replicas, sort of little friends for her. i hope you and C. had a lovely day today, cheerio, k.

  2. Pamela says:

    Thanks Kaite. I too hope you and C enjoyed Xmas day…..and more to divine creativity to come with 2011 peeping from around the corner. PP.

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